Friday, April 13, 2012

Waking Up in Heaven

Happy Friday the 13th!

This is the crazy view I woke up to this morning:
View from the front of my balcony

View from the side of my balcony

I woke up thinking, "Omg, did I die and go to heaven?" Clearly not but great scenery nonetheless!

And I know, I've been gone for over a week hehe. Just a little update though. Hubs and I spent all Easter/Good Friday long weekend buying home-related stuff. We finally got our couches on Sunday and boy were they worth it. We also fixed up our daughter's room and the kitchen (with an added pantry)! Home decorating is AWESOME. I will do another post on that soon once we're done decorating! Thanks to the recent postings of Elle&Ish, Hubs and I are looking forward to lots of DIY ideas and thrift shopping for the rest of our home decor stuff. Check out her blog for ideas and tips on saving money yet making your space look stylish :)

Included in our upcoming projects: staining our kitchen table to a darker espresso wood colour, DIY picture frames, kitchen pots/pans hanger, DIY dry-erase glass board, and staining our daughter's crib. I have so much more ideas cranking in my head but those are the top priorities for now!

Work has been ever so busy. It's one of the busiest time of the year. Well, the whole year is actually quite full but I'd say spring is just insane for us. I had the opportunity to attend a very inspirational event on Tuesday: an awards ceremony for women of distinction. I listened to their struggles and successes and it just really inspired me to work hard. It reminded me not to take things for granted and to truly appreciate the simple things in life.

So after coming home from a long day of work , I opened the fridge and was surprised with this:
I already had a feeling what was inside heheheh

Hubs knows me so well :)
I inhaled this in seconds.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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