Friday, April 13, 2012

Top Man

I recently purchased a button up denim shirt that I've been searching for too long... at first the price tag caught my eye more than the shirt itself but it eventually grew on me and I love it! I was skeptical of the fit having found it in the 'Top Man' section of the new Top Shop store located in The Bay at Yorkdale Mall but in a size S it fit perfectly to my liking. I paid $18 with an additional 20% off discount coupon they were giving out... Holy $hit.. a DEAL AND A HALF! In terms of quality, I'm no denim expert but right off the bat the denim definitely didn't feel cheap unlike a typical denim shirt you may find for an even greater price. What can I say? I was a lucky girl that day and glad that I took a stroll in the men's section. Great find for a great deal.


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