Thursday, April 5, 2012

feeling gold

Nails did. Excuse my dry skin around the cuticle area.. woops!
Base Coat: I forgot what I used but any nude will do
Top Coat (x2): American Apparel Glitter in Meteor Shower (53778)

I had my nails painted nude while I was in the midst of going through a bunch of interviews. After that was over, I knew my nails needed something extra. Gold flakes! To my surprise, the AA polish works super well.. it goes on smoothly and evenly and the brush is just great! There's not much else to say about the polish itself except that I'd highly recommend it and that it comes in a ton of colours that won't disappoint you. A while back, I had bought an online deal allowing me to choose 5 AA polishes for only $15 - a deal and a half right?! Months after, I still haven't had the chance to swatch them all but it will happen... stay tuned!

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