Monday, March 5, 2012

Hot Hot Hot

So I had a craving for something hot and saucy.. and what else but "bul dak" aka fire chicken to satisfy that craving? Something about that burning sensation through my nose and sweat that gives me a thrill. Call me strange but I absolutely love it. I adopted this recipe from a basic online recipe found here. Over the past while, I've been expanding my knowledge in korean food and getting to try more and more different things thanks to my boyfriend and his mom. I've always been a huge fan of Korean food but never knew how much of a delicious and mouth-watering variety there was to offer. I found a new love for korean food.. and it has become something I need to have on the daily. I'm making myself hungry as I blog..

* * *

On another irrelevant note... I want and need this from chapters..


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