Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chocolate Dipped Tips

Had some much needed rest and relaxation last night following a few hectic days... Well, what to do when you have hours on hand? Paint your nails! If I have any beauty obsession, nail polish is one of them. I was sorting one of my boxes of polishes last night. Take a peek below! :)
So yeah.. A little extreme but I can't help it! I used to change my colours almost everyday but lost the habit for a few months. Now, I'm starting to get back into it! Possibly because it's spring season and all the newer collections/sets come out during this time. It's hard to avoid good sales ;) So I did a quick mani and got my nails all prepped for a couple coats of liquid looooove.

I decided to use the polish I just bought this week: OPI - Suzy Loves Cowboys. It's a dark chocolate brown creme colour. It was sort of weird putting it on because the first coat is SO SHEER. However on the second coat, it somehow made it almost opaque and I just used 3 coats to make it even. The colour is gorgeous and honestly I keep thinking my hands are messy from eating chocolate. Yuuumm.

So that went well UNTIL the top coat. My HG top coat is either Seche Vite Dry Fast or China Glaze Fast Forward but I decided to give FingerPaints TopCoat a try. Sally's was having a 2 for 1 sale for FingerPaints and I got the base and top coat. The base coat worked fine in terms of setting a good base and has been protecting my nails from yellowing. However, the top coat on the other hand completely screwed up my manicure. Look!

If you look closely at the pictures, it came out all bubbly and streaky! Prior to applying the top coat, the nail polish glided on and left a nice smooth surface. After putting on FingerPaint's top coat, I kid you not, it actually ruined my polish. I literally sat there and did nothing to avoid getting marks on my wet nails but that didn't help. Not only did it take more than 30 minutes to dry, it created this weird surface on my nails. Just take a closer look at my thumb:
Tell me that doesn't gross you out one bit? I'm so disgusted! I honestly contemplated just removing it right away but thought I would document it so all you others won't have to experience this polished heartache. I don't really like giving such bad reviews for products but really, a top coat shouldn't look so disastrous on your nails. Have you guys tried this before? I would love to hear suggestions on different top coats out there.


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