Friday, March 2, 2012

Retail Therapy Sesh

I'm incredibly busy this week and will be next week because we're hosting a huge event at work, and yours truly is the planner/coordinator. Soooo, this will be a short post paired with a bunch of pictures! I went for some retail therapy yesterday and bought a bunch of stuff that I probably won't use much:
Blazer & Skirt from H&M | Shoes from Ardene | Purse from random store | OPI

I'm totally into the nudes and browns this season. How boring, I know. Meanwhile everyone is frolicking in bright reds and blues. I've never really liked too much colour, but most of where my colour is found in my tops. I have everything from teal to bright pink to yellow to purple, etc. Also, I didn't own any dark browns in my stash of polish so I decided to get this from my local drugstore. The lady working there told me to keep my eyes peeled every February because that's when most beauty companies discontinue their previous lines and have a huge sale. Most of the colours were gone but I managed to get my hands on the last decent colour available - yay! I paid $5.99 CAD for it as opposed to $10.99 CAD regular price :) Anyway, back to haulin' ass. It's Friiiiiiiday ♥


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