Monday, March 12, 2012

Curry Chicken

This has ought to be one of my most favourit-EST foods ever. I am terrible at documenting my cooking adventures and I usually cook without a recipe so my apologies for the lack of a recipe and list of ingredients.. but here are a few tips! I recently started conjuring up my own recipes for curry based on what my parents used to make growing up. For a more authentic flavour, I find the type of curry powder and addition of coconut milk make it closer to the real thing, so try and find a legit store to choose your ingredients from. A quick and simple tip to add more flavour along with whatever spices you are using is to add a block of S&B Japanese curry, which I had used for this recipe. It instantly thickens the sauce and adds a touch more curry flavouring in which there can never be enough! To add more of a kick, throw in some red chilli's (seeds in for a real good kick) and let it simmer in the sauce.

Curry Chicken & Egg garnished w/ Nori Flakes & Fried Onions on Rice


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