Thursday, March 1, 2012


Give everything you do 110% and you'll be satisfied with the results. Food can be included in this category too.. A lot of people have been pointing out the fact that my dishes are always so done up.. but what can I say? You eat with your eyes! Whether it's a meal for one, two, or a bunch, I always like to keep it clean and appealing to the eye - without sacrificing its taste of course.

Turkey & Spicy Ham, Havarti Jalepeno, Arugula & Baby Spinach Sandwich w/ Mushroom Soup
put the two together (literally) and you get AWESOME

A simple yet fancy sandwich. I took the extra effort to tweak a couple things that made a huge difference in the taste and flavour of my sandwich. 
1. Lightly toss your vegetable (Arugula and Spinach in mine) in olive oil, salt, pepper, and a hint of lemon, add to your sandwich!
2. Saute your mushrooms in a pan for only a couple of seconds* with some garlic and butter and add to your mushroom soup. This is because the cooking process will continue and mushrooms will wilt once added to the soup. You want to try and keep some of the earthiness and bite to the mushroom!
3. Top your soup off with shredded cheese (I used marble) and watch it ooze off your spoon from your lips

Bon Appetit my friends!


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  1. hummmm! delicious!! hahaha