Wednesday, February 29, 2012


What do you get when you've been too busy aka 'just too damn lazy' to make a trip to the grocery store, leftovers, and instant food? You get this..

Instant 'Mi Goreng' with last night's BBQ Chicken, last night's sauteed cucumber with dried shrimp, topped with a sunny side up egg, & fried onion flakes.

A lot of ingredients from this meal highlights my roots and what I (&Belle) grew up to eat and love. This meal is a 'Malaysian/Asian' inspired meal. I came across a dry form of instant noodles 'Mi Goreng' and had to purchase! As excited as I was to try it, the flavours were far off from the real stuff - but what do you expect, right? Alongside with my noodles, I had leftover chicken which was reheated in a convection oven to crisp up the skin again. To saute cucumbers may seem a bit strange but it really does have an identical texture to a zucchini and could be a great substitute or change. Dried shrimps are used in many Asian cuisines but I am most familiar with it being used as sauces or pastes, Malay/Singapore style baby! Let's not forget, my kind of meals aren't complete without my hot sauce.. choice today: Sriracha. ALL IN ALL, I have to admit.. I felt like I was cheating on my diet once again but it sure was worth it. Don't deprive yourself of the good stuff, remember you just gotta work for it. Sometimes you just have to let loose and be carefree.

Just one of those 'hair up' kind of days & my fav chucks


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