Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sick & Recovering

I've been quite sick for a few days with something called gastroenteritis, or stomach flu. That really just means a worsened version of food poisoning. Haven't been able to hold food down much lately, and dearly envious of Mel's delish meals.

So I went to the doctor's and he recommended that I stay clear of solid foods for the next day or so. According to him, it's best for me to stock my body up with some Gatorade, rice water and clear broths. The Gatorade is supposed to replenish my electrolytes, the rice water to supplement all the simple sugars and the clear broth for soothing. I've opted out of Gatorade for now, but might try it later. Though probably not as appealing as Mel's, here's my lunch and breakfast. Breakfast was a large cup of rice water and lunch was a warm bowl of vegetable soup.

Doctor's Orders

The vegetable soup was simple to make. All I did was put saute onions, garlic, carrots and celery then added water to fill the pot. Once boiling, I added chopped up parsley and broccoli florets along with a bit of dried thyme and rosemary. Season to your liking! It was really good despite that I couldn't really eat the vegetables inside but the broth - YUM!

Ooooh... ♥

A Valentine's Day card from my little 17 month old. She did have some help from daycare, but nonetheless, what a way to make my day better. Surprise Mel!


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