Friday, February 17, 2012

Pretty in Pink

I decided to start my day off by pampering myself with a fresh mani! Unfortunately, my right big toe nail remains as only half a nail and growing due to a basketball injury so the pedi will just have to wait. Anyways, I got a bit crafty and mixed up a simple colour that I've been wanting for a while but just been way too lazy to get up off my bum and look for. I mixed it in an almost empty OPI bottle of polish that was a nude shade to begin with. I'd describe the final outcome as a 'dusty pink/rose/nude' (Haha I couldn't make up my mind..).. and at least that's what I was going for and it turned out beautifully. I tried to capture a picture with my iPhone camera but the picture does no justice to how the actual colour looks in person!

Thanks to these guys, I was able to create my colour!
From L > R: Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry in 'Pink Blink'
Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength in 'Pink Gleam Rose'
Revlon in 'Silver' (which is pretty much a flat light grey)

End Result: Ta DA!

Just when I thought I was done...
Try applying a pattern or sparkles to add some asymmetrical edgey-ness and fun! I used a bobby pin to dot the white polish for the index finger and Gosh's 'Magic Star #562' as a top coat for the ring finger which gave it a subtle sparkle! There's so much you can do - be creative!!

A sneak peak of a part of my continuously growing nail polish collection.. I really need to think of a new way to organize them but they ARE colour coordinated! ;) Any suggestions?

Ps. Hope you enjoyed our first nail polish entry! Many more to come. 


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