Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Short Long Weekend

WOW. What a weekend.. I haven't had such an eventful weekend thus far. Having done so much, it felt rather short than long. Friday was the first day to kick off an awesome weekend and also the first day to cheat my diet! It's almost become a weekly ritual to grab a pitcher and wings and boy is it absolutely delish every single time!

Saturday was skating day with the boyfriend and his little brother at Mel Lastman Square. Thank god for the perfect weather that day which made it that much more enjoyable! Also, I must officially confess that I suck at skating.

Finally, a spontaneous Sunday was spent getting up bright and early to go snowboarding for the first time this season! Unfortunately, I was caught up with all the excitement and fun that I had completely forgot to take any pictures (Also, I thought I'd be prone to falling a lot so I didn't want to put my precious phone through all of that). The only pictures I took was of the scrumptious pre-snowboarding breakfast that I always seem to have before a long day of boarding - Timmie's sausage and egg biscuit breakfast sandwich and hashbrown followed by the new oreo pie from McDonalds. I have to comment that the sandwich does not compare to my all time fav sausage and egg mcmuffin... and as for the pie.. though I prefer the traditional applie pie.. still mmmMmm...

Since it was a last minute plan, we went to Hockley Valley which was closeby in Orangeville and had a blast! Somehow, I happened to be the most experienced boarder within the group and felt pretty awesome.. hehehehe.. I must add that I did NOT fall as much as I thought would and that I challenged myself to go on a 'black diamond' hill for the first time! (However, we won't speak of any of the wiping out I did).. Due to the long weekend, the hills were packed during the day.. but cleared up alot during the night which made the trip even more amazing. All in all, I am totally looking forward till next time!!

Extremely bruised up knees, beat up/sore legs and body, an exhausting day later, Monday was time to just kick back and relax - coffee, TV, a couch, the boyfriend, thai delivery. A perfect day to follow up a day of an extreme workout.

So here we are Tuesday. Back to reality.


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