Saturday, February 18, 2012

Health Nut

I've been into a super healthy eating phase as of the past few weeks, mostly thanks to Mel :) She's been a great motivator in helping me eat well since she's a health nut too! It feels really good to munch on things that are beneficial for my body, and lately I've been discovering a lot of nutritious and yummy food! Not only that, but eating healthy is surprisingly cost efficient. I went grocery shopping today, and was happy to come back with mostly vegetables and fruits rather than my usual chips and chocolate. Here's a portion of what I bought today!
Yes, it's just a bunch of fruits, yogurt, bread and what looks like dog food (as hubs says). But it's more than that. For each of these products, there are endless nutritional benefits stuffed in every surface. They are known to reduce heart problems, increase your body's immune system, as well as rid your body of unnecessary gunk.

Now, I know that pink bag sort of looks like a bag of dog food but it's actually cereal - Whole Grain Wheat Biscuit Cereal. It comes in a bag because the company strongly believes in reducing its environmental footprint by entirely eliminating the oh-so-traditional cereal box. Instead, it comes in a nicely packaged and resealable bag! How nice!

Anyway, when it comes to eating healthy, there is nothing more important than making sure that you're not eliminating any food groups from your diet. You should still be having a balanced portion of each of the 4 food groups (click here to see food guide) and ensure that you are having the correct portions. Enjoy your food!

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Nothing like having breakfast with a view like this...
view from my kitchen/dining area 


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