Friday, May 4, 2012

Coral Dream

Let's say hello to Coral Dream. 

I've mentioned previously that I'm an absolute nail polish addict hoarder. I own a fajillion bottles and I could always own more. This polish came from my ELF haul last month for only $2!
This colour is a very pink-peach colour, with a slight orange undertone. It's apparently one of their newer colours as well - very summery! I applied about three coats on but you really could do with just two. Surprisingly for $2, the formula is comparable to those of OPI, Essie and Zoya. I actually think this might be better than Essie's polishes. I find that their formula is quite streaky and their brushes are TINY. ELF's polish is indeed the opposite - it glides on with a thicker brush. Many people do complain about how it juts out when you close the bottle fully, as in it seems to not fit on properly. That is unfortunately true but fear not, because it still keeps polish quite sealed, so it won't dry out (if that's your concern).
Enjoy your weekend!


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