Friday, April 27, 2012

Four Hundred and Twenty

I'm a week late in posting this but happy 420 (for those who celebrate it!). The joke of this post title came from when we heard someone ask what "four hundred and twenty" was haha! For those who aren't sure what 420 is, it's basically a day where stoners get together and smoke marijuana in public. This year was no different, and yes, law enforcement is always there. However, they respect everyone's rights to enjoy the day and instead, they direct traffic and make sure everyone is safe. We happen to live in a very pot-friendly city so the crowd was much larger than usual. Anyway, not much to say but tons of pictures to post haha. Enjoy!

 People... EVERYWHERE.

 No, seriously. There were people everywhere.

 What I find interesting is the variety of people that attend this "festival".
The asian guy right in front doesn't quite look like he belongs here, but he sure was having a blast.

 Some custom-made glass pieces (bongs and pipes)

More glass pieces (bongs and pipes)

 And even more glass pieces...
There were over 20+ booths selling paraphernalia, weed edibles and just weed in general.
Actually, random people were selling their own stash of stuff too.

 LOL, this made me laugh.
This is a booth set up by the Liberal government (one of the political parties in Canada).
Their sign says:
"Legalize Pot and Grow The Economy:
Legalizing marijuana means destroying gangs and saving billions of dollars.
Prohibition fails. Let's create a smarter way."

 As with all festivities, comes music and entertainment.
And.... the crazies......
This 60 year-old man painted in white literally jumped up and down for the whole song.
Not sure what his purpose was either.
 Finally, this was a few seconds right after 4:20PM.
EVERYONE was smoking so there was a visible layer of smoke just hanging above and around us.

Overall, it was an amazing day!


  1. Hhaha omg this is awesome!!!! Where do you live???? I don't think we had anything like that here... or maybe I just missed it.

    1. this is in vancouver! depending on where you live in the US there might even be bigger ones lol i know LA and denver had a hugeeee gathering of their own.