Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quick Fix

As promised, here are the goods I picked up the past week.. not surprisingly they are all from H&M. The trousers were a real steal so I HAD to get them in two colours, the royal blue and the beige. They also came in a red/orange, aubergine, white, light blue, and black. Trust me, I almost wanted to grab a pair in every single colour. Yes, I am one of those - have the same article of clothing in multiple colours kinda girl. I had my eye on H&M swim wear since I missed out on some of the styles from last year that I absolutely loved and regretted not buying. I tried a whole bunch on but there was one particular ruffle bandeau bikini that was so adorable I could not resist. Again, got them in two colours, the light pink and black. I'm usually a guilt-ridden shopper but these buys were so worth it and everything fit like a glove. Not to mention, I'm preparing myself well in advanced for the spring and summertime ;) ..Last but not least, I've been trying to pick out some new jewelry.. I've often had a problem of finding stuff way overpriced but H&M has been doing a good job at providing lovely accessories in general for great deals.

H&M Spree

My apologies, I know this post would be much more complete seeing the clothes on but it'll happen! 


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