Friday, March 30, 2012

DIY Cuffed Shorts

Here is the simplest DIY that I was contemplating of whether to post or not... because it's the easiest and quickest thing to do! But for those of you who have never transformed an old pair of jeans or pants into shorts and are wondering how, this is for you! Everything is self explanatory. Find an old pair of jeans/pants, Mark the point you'd like your shorts to end/how short you want them ;) & Cut with a sharp pair of scissors.

Surprisingly I lack a pair of plain black shorts so I thought why not dig up a pair that I no longer like or that just don't fit properly anymore. These are a simple black pair of pants that I purchased during my trip to Hong Kong several of years ago.. They look terrible on me (hence why I didn't actually put a before picture with me in them) and as I can proudly say.. they are too big on me!

Step 1/2. Find an old pair of pants and mark with chalk (for a black pant) where you'd like your shorts to end keeping in mind that you are going to roll up about an inch of the bottom to form a cuff at the end. I wanted a longer length pair of shorts but who knows maybe I'll change my mind later on and chop off a little bit more ;)

Step 3. Simply cut along the line drawn and roll up the bottom to form your cuffs/hide the frayed ends

Easy as pie wasn't it? This is just one of the many pants I've cropped and it's so exciting to see my shorts collection grow without even having to spend a penny! It's a great way to make use of old clothes or clothes you don't like to wear anymore rather than have them stashed away or collecting dust in your closet. I've kept this post pretty basic because I have a plethora of ideas to complete this project. Oh yes, these shorts aren't done yet! Tune in for the soon to come update..


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